Everything you need to know about us


We are a global brand solution provider in renewable energy.

We have deployed several projects across Nigeria and have not stopped.

At Lcd Technologies, we provide integrated solar and inverter solutions with remotes applications across homes and commercial users, corporate organizations and rural communities using tier one inverter systems.

We pride ourselves being a trusted brand with an identity that offers innovative renewable energy solution with proven technical competence and selfless service delivery. Our global outlooks gravitates towards global energy challenges in meeting up the sustainable clean energy 2030 within sub-Sahara Africa, to reduce carbon footprint, providing sustainable clean energy space.


Our company is committed to providing innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the energy needs of businesses and households in Nigeria. We aim to be the leading provider of solar and inverter solutions in Nigeria by providing quality products, excellent customer service, and affordable pricing.

Our brand is built on the following values:

  1. Sustainability: We are committed to promoting a sustainable future by providing clean and renewable energy solutions. Our products are designed to reduce carbon emissions, increase energy efficiency, and conserve natural resources.
  2. Innovation: We embrace innovation and technology to provide cutting-edge solutions that meet the needs of our customers. We are constantly exploring new and advanced technologies to improve our products and services.
  3. Quality: We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and services. We source our materials from reputable suppliers and ensure that our products meet international standards. We also provide excellent customer service and technical support to ensure that our customers are satisfied with their purchase.
  4. Affordability: We believe that everyone should have access to clean energy solutions. We strive to provide our products and services at affordable prices to ensure that they are accessible to everyone.

Our target audience includes households, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), and large corporations that are looking for reliable and cost-effective energy solutions. We offer a range of solar panels, inverters, batteries, and other accessories that are suitable for different energy needs.

Our company logo is a combination of the sun and a power switch, symbolizing our commitment to providing clean and reliable energy solutions. Our brand colors are green and blue, representing our focus on sustainability and innovation.

We are also committed to providing excellent customer service and technical support. Our team of experts is available to provide guidance and support to our customers before, during, and after their purchase. We offer installation services and maintenance support to ensure that our products operate at optimal performance.

In conclusion, our brand identity is built on the values of sustainability, innovation, quality, and affordability. We are committed to providing reliable and cost-effective energy solutions to meet the diverse needs of our customers in Nigeria.